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Wizard of Oz, The

Opening Day: 11/30/1979


Date Venue
11/30/1979 Kingsway Learning Center
12/1/1979 Kingsway Learning Center
12/7/1979 Kingsway Learning Center
12/8/1979 Kingsway Learning Center


Role Name
Flying Monkey/Munchkin Diane Mastrangelo
Wizard George Berlin
Flying Monkey/Munchkin Jane Strunce
Munchkin Janyce Caterini
Munchkin Karen Kennedy
Glenda Lorna Klimas
Witch Lynda Orlando
Aunt Em/Flying Monkey/Munchkin Marge Reed
Tinman Mark Klimas
Dorothy Mary Prendergast
Gate Keeper Nick Rapazotti
Scarecrow Rich Azoff
Lion Ron Clement

Production Staff

Position Name
Director George Smith
Producer Jane Strunce
Stage Manager Linda Lorusso
Producer Lynda Orlando
Musical Director Mark Whiteford
Asst. Director Tom Story