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Jack and the Beanstalk

Opening Day: 03/13/1981


Date Venue
3/13/1981 Kingsway Learning Center
3/14/1981 Kingsway Learning Center
3/20/1981 Kingsway Learning Center
3/21/1981 Kingsway Learning Center


Role Name
Dairy Maid Ann Trakimas
Jaqueline Daischa Merritt
Farmer Jim Brown
Magic Cow John King
Magic Hen/Poultry Woman Julie Hansell
Jack Larry Zazzo
Townswoman Lynn Zazzo
Lew (Guardian Angel) Mark Graham
Magic Cow Maureen Dorris
Jonathon/Poultry Man Peter Volpa
Colossus Tom Fitzpatrick

Production Staff

Position Name
Asst. Director Chris Coffman
Stage Manager Karen Kennedy
Production Coordinator Linda Fialkowski
Director Ruth Stambaugh Mills