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Adventures of Brer Rabbit, The

Opening Day: 03/20/1987


Date Venue
3/20/1987 PAC Intimate
3/21/1987 PAC Intimate
3/27/1987 PAC Intimate
3/28/1987 PAC Intimate
4/3/1987 PAC Intimate
4/4/1987 PAC Intimate


Role Name
Brer Fox Bob Walter
Molly Cottontail Darlene McCabe
Brer Wolf James Michael Tucker
Brer Rabbit Joey Bader
Miss Meadows Marge Reed
Judge Bear Mark Karcher
Tarry Pin Pamela Dietz

Production Staff

Position Name
Producer Lynn Zazzo
Asst. Director Marge Reed
Director Michael Hicks
Asst. Director Paul Martino