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They're Playing Our Song

Opening Day: 10/16/1987


Date Venue
10/16/1987 PAC Main
10/17/1987 PAC Main
10/23/1987 PAC Main
10/24/1987 PAC Main
10/30/1987 PAC Main
10/31/1987 PAC Main
11/6/1987 PAC Main
11/7/1987 PAC Main
11/13/1987 PAC Main
11/14/1987 PAC Main


Role Name
The Voice of Phil the Engineer Bob Walter
The Voice of Sonia Elaine Winder
Sonia Walsk Faith Barlow
The Voice of Sonia Gaila Levecchia
The Voice of Gersch Joe Lehman
The Voice of Sonia Pamela Dietz
The Voice of Gersch Paul Martino
The Voice of Gersch Peter Dietz
Vernon Gersch Randy Peterson

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Bill Nitz
Musical Director Jeanne Haynes
Choreographer Linda Coolsen
Producer Mark Karcher
Asst. Choreographer Michael Hicks