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Of Mice and Men

Opening Day: 01/12/1996


Date Venue
1/12/1996 PAC Main
1/13/1996 PAC Main
1/19/1996 PAC Main
1/20/1996 PAC Main
1/21/1996 PAC Main
1/26/1996 PAC Main
1/27/1996 PAC Main
2/2/1996 PAC Main
2/3/1996 PAC Main


Role Name
Candy Brian Wayman
Lennie Jake Josefson
Curley Jeff Hopkins
Geroge Jim McBride
Slim Mark Ott
Crooks Monroe Barrick
Curley's Wife Sandra Bulk
Whit Tim Novak
Carlson Tom Balderstone
The Boss Tony Perella

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Dawn Bates
Stage Manager Robert Broadbent
Producer Skip Volkle