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Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The

Opening Day: 04/27/1990


Date Venue
4/27/1990 PAC Main
4/28/1990 PAC Main
5/4/1990 PAC Main
5/5/1990 PAC Main
5/6/1990 PAC Main
5/11/1990 PAC Main
5/12/1990 PAC Main
5/18/1990 PAC Main
5/19/1990 PAC Main


Role Name
Voice Aimee Reed
Flirt Conroy Ami Szuchy
Rubin Flood Bob Myles
Lottie Lacey Connie Glantzberg
Rennie Flood Dorian Solot
Voice Judi Reed
Sammy Goldenbaum Kurt Koehler
Morris Lacey Lonnie Carter
Punky Givens Patrick Kirk
Voice Rachel Levin
Cora Flood Sheila O'Malley
Sonny Flood Tom Perry

Production Staff

Position Name
Asst. Director Bob Schaefer
Director Carol Saunders
Asst. Producer Dan Boris
Stage Manager Dan Boris
Producer Marge Reed