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Witness for the Prosecution

Opening Day: 06/08/1990


Date Venue
6/8/1990 PAC Main
6/9/1990 PAC Main
6/10/1990 PAC Main
6/15/1990 PAC Main
6/16/1990 PAC Main
6/17/1990 PAC Main
6/22/1990 PAC Main
6/23/1990 PAC Main


Role Name
Janet MacKenzie Ann Brutchey
Leonard Vole Bill Edwards
Romaine Cathy Magee
Sir Wilfred Robards Charles Musumeci
Mr. Justice Wainwright Colin Wolfe
Mr. Myers, Q.C. Dean Walton
Woman Evy Meara
Clerk of the Court James Durham
Sir John Mayhew James Michael Tucker
Dr. Wyatt Kevin Henley
Court Stenographer MJ Atkinson
Young Woman Stacy Wallace
Greta Susan Stewart
Inspector Hearne Terry Berge
Carter TL Kolman

Production Staff

Position Name
Stage Manager John King
Asst. Director Myrna Brandt
Director Pat King
Producer Rae Ann Puff
Props Marge Reed,
Props Jeanne Weselinski
Lighting Dan Boris
Lighting John Watras
Sound Dan Boris
Set Design M J Atkinson
Set Construction M J Atkinson
Set Construction John King
Set Construction Pat Locket
Set Construction Cathy Magee
Set Construction Terry Berge
Set Construction Bill Edwards
Set Construction Jim Tucker
Set Construction Dan Boris
Set Construction John Watras
Set Painting M J Atkinson
Costumes Miriam Childs
Photography Lisa Toll
Photography John Watras
Programs Paula Dean
Programs Sharon Kelly