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Night Must Fall

Opening Day: 06/02/1989


Date Venue
6/2/1989 PAC Main
6/3/1989 PAC Main
6/9/1989 PAC Main
6/10/1989 PAC Main
6/11/1989 PAC Main
6/16/1989 PAC Main
6/17/1989 PAC Main
6/23/1989 PAC Main
6/24/1989 PAC Main


Role Name
Dora Parkoe Beth Mann
Inspector Belsize Bill Nitz
Mrs. Bramson Carol Saunders
Hubert Laurie Joseph Herskovitz
Olivia Grayne Lisa Zerbo
Dan Mark Karcher
Mrs. Terrance Patricia Walsh
Voice of the Lord Chief Justice W. Scott Lewis

Production Staff

Position Name
Producer Alan Rosen
Director Bonnie Hewett
Asst. Director W. Scott Lewis