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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Opening Day: 12/02/1988


Date Venue
12/2/1988 PAC Main
12/3/1988 PAC Main
12/9/1988 PAC Main
12/10/1988 PAC Main


Role Name
Happy Abby Milliner
Bunny Allison Seiferth
Snow White Ami Szuchy
The Queen Cara Jones
Doc Jeff Barlow
Grumpy Justin Green
Bashful Justin Marcucci
Sleepy Kelly Toll
The Queen's Alter-Egos Linda Babcock
Squirell Lisa Giordano
Mirror Marge Reed
Dopey Meredith Jacobson
Sneezy Sandra Bulk
Baby Bird Stacie Green
The Huntsman/Prince Terry Ward
Mama Bird Valerie Orth

Production Staff

Position Name
Choreographer Linda Coolsen
Director Marge King
Musical Director Muriel Graham
Producer Pat King
Asst. Director Pat King