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Guys and Dolls

Opening Day: 10/24/2002


Date Venue
10/24/2002 PAC Main
10/25/2002 PAC Main
10/26/2002 PAC Main
10/27/2002 PAC Main
11/1/2002 PAC Main
11/2/2002 PAC Main
11/3/2002 PAC Main
11/8/2002 PAC Main
11/9/2002 PAC Main
11/10/2002 PAC Main
11/15/2002 PAC Main
11/16/2002 PAC Main


Role Name
Crapshooter Adam Halpin
Rusty Anthony J. Garcia
Adelaide Antoinette M. Fugee
Crapshooter Bob Belli
Hot Box Dancer Bret Ebling
Crapshooter Brian Wright
Hot Box Dancer Carolyn Hughes
Angie the Ox Chris Jewell
Hot Box Dancer Courtney Daniels
Benny Southstreet David Lee Gold
Nicely Nicely David M. Mooney
Arvide Abernathy Eric Monzo
Hot Box Dancer Erin L. Whitescarver
Nathan Detroit Greg Krywusha
Hot Box Dancer Jenn Unangst
Agatha in Mission Band Jessica Doheny
Hot Box Dancer Katie Adler
Sky Masterson Kit Runge
Harry the Horse Michael Doheny
Hot Box Dancer Nicole Velez
Mimi Nicole Velez
Big Jule Pat DeFusco
Lt. Brannigan Peter Mosiondz III
Liver Lips Louie Robert Kier Jr.
General Cartwright Rosemarie A. Ball
Sarah Brown Suzanne Umba

Production Staff

Position Name
Producer Gerald Williams
Producer Jackie Williams
Director Jodi Lawrence
Musical Director Mauria Flemming-Reich
Choreographer Richard Amelius
Asst. Director Scott Reynolds