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Over the River and Through the Woods

Opening Day: 04/29/2004


Date Venue
4/29/2004 PAC Main
4/30/2004 PAC Main
5/1/2004 PAC Main
5/2/2004 PAC Main
5/7/2004 PAC Main
5/8/2004 PAC Main
5/9/2004 PAC Main
5/14/2004 PAC Main
5/15/2004 PAC Main


Role Name
Aida Barbara Kanalstein
Nick Damian Muziani
Caitlin O'Hare Lily Doyle
Frank Michael Moqar
Nunzio Mort Pomerantz
Emma Phyllis Pomerantz

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Chuck Bennett
Liqhting Design Harry Van Steenacker
Props Jeanne Gold
Producer Mia Reich
Liqhting Operator Sarah Stoloff
Stage Manager Sarah Stoloff