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Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood, The

Opening Day: 03/31/2005


Date Venue
3/31/2005 PAC Main
4/1/2005 PAC Main
4/2/2005 PAC Main
4/3/2005 PAC Main
4/8/2005 PAC Main
4/9/2005 PAC Main


Role Name
Red Riding Hood Patty Verzella
Wolf Ross Paul
Grandma Susan Filtrante
Red’s Mother Sarah Paul
Deer Maureen Stoizer
Rabbit Amy Platt
Skunk Adrienne Cascarella
Butterfly Lee Klaus
Woodsman Jeffery Heller
Stage Manager Donna Adinolfe

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Kim Adler
Producer Kim Adler
Director David M. Mooney
Vocal Director Ellen Kirk
Choreographer Kelly Davis
Stage Manager Christina Marzullo
Asst. Stage Manager Erin Jean Gray
Set Designer Kim Adler
Set Designer David M. Mooney
Lighting Designer Christina Marzullo
Sound Designer Harry Van Steenacker
Costume Designer Kim Adler
Head Seamstress Deb Zellers
Seamstress Jessica Zellers
Seamstress Christine Hartranft
Wigs Lee Klaus
Makeup Lee Klaus
Props Kim Adler
Props David M. Mooney
Light Board Operator Erin Jean Gray
Sound Board Operator Natalie Jewell
Set Construction Lewis Adler
Photography Steve Rogina