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Wizard of Oz, The

Opening Day: 11/30/2006


Date Venue
11/30/2006 PAC Main
12/1/2006 PAC Main
12/2/2006 PAC Main
12/3/2006 PAC Main
12/8/2006 PAC Main
12/9/2006 PAC Main
12/10/2006 PAC Main
12/15/2006 PAC Main
12/16/2006 PAC Main


Role Name
Tinman/Hickory Michael Kelly
Lion/Zeze David M. Mooney
Glinda Jaimie Geddes
Wicked Witch of the West Casey Williams-Ficarrai
Wicked Witch of the West Lainie Segal
Auntie Em Jody Myers
Ozian Jody Myers
Uncle Henry David Stavetski
Guard David Stavetski
Professor Marvel/Wizard Mike Smith
Mayor Neil MacFarlane
Flyinq Monkey Neil MacFarlane
Barrister Courtney Straub
City Father 1 Carley Del Sordo
City Father 2 Jared Flynn
Coroner Brendan Scannell
Lullaby League Victoria Gold
Lullaby League Samantha Steffen
Lullaby League Olivia Micale
Lollipop Guild Evan Fleming
Lollipop Guild Jared Kern
Lollipop Guild Jonathan Erdy
Munchkin Olivia Alberto
Munchkin Meghan Knecht
Munchkin Elaina Palaclzi
Munchkin Katie Shuback
Munchkin Bailey Stavetski
Munchkin Gabrielle Zimmerman
Scarecrow Dancer Deirdre MacFarlane
Scarecrow Dancer Nicole Vasaturo
Tree Susan Filtrante
Tree Jim MacFarlane
Tree Marcy Smith
Ozian Morgan Carreon
Ozian Susan Filtrante
Ozian Deidre MacFarlane
Ozian Jim MacFarlane
Ozian Kim Micale
Ozian Nando Micale
Ozian Carolyne Michaels
Ozian Marcy Smith
Ozian Olivia Micale
Ozian Teddy Stavetski
Ozian Nicole Vasaturo
Ozian Natalie Huber
Jitterbug Brendan Scannell
Jitterbug Victoria Gold
Jitterbug Morgan Carreon
Jitterbug Samantha Stefen
Jitterbug Deirdre MacFarlane
Jitterbug Natalie Huber
Nikko Carolyn Michaels
Flying Monkey Jonathan Erdy
Flying Monkey Jared Kern
Flying Monkey Neil MacFarlane
Flying Monkey Nicole Vasaturo
Flying Monkey Natalie Huber
Winkie Brendan Scannell
Winkie Morgan Carreon
Winkie Teddy Stavetski
Winkie Bailey Stavetski
Winkie Carley Del Sordo

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Cristin Charlton
Vocal Director Colin Maier
Music Director Colin Maier
Choreographer Laura Moore
Staqe Manager Natalie Jewell
Co-Producer Natalie Jewell
Producer Lewis Adler
Props Debbie Mitchell
Publicity Photoqrapher Steve Rogina
Publicity Photoqrapher Shen Shellenberger
Lighting Design Keith Allen
Pit Conductor Colin Maier
Piano Colin Maier
Second Piano Stephen Ball
Drums Lucas Ronner
Reeds Ken Robinson
Bass Alex Wyman