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A Christmas Carol - Broadway

Opening Day: 12/06/2007


Date Venue
12/6/2007 PAC Main
12/7/2007 PAC Main
12/8/2007 PAC Main
12/9/2007 PAC Main
12/14/2007 PAC Main
12/15/2007 PAC Main
12/16/2007 PAC Main
12/21/2007 PAC Main
12/22/2007 PAC Main


Role Name
Scrooge John Shanlzen-Kaye
Tiny Tim Jonathan Erdy
Bob Cratchit David Stavetski
Marley Nick Francesconi
Young Marley Nick Francesconi
Ghost of Christmas Past Donna Mills
Ghost of Christmas Present Erik Sokolowski
Ghost of Christmas Future Susan Filtrante
Fred Stephen Stonis
Young Ebeneezer Stephen Stonis
Blind Old Hag Susan Filtrante
Emily Jaimie L. Geddes
Sally Elizabeth Deal
Mr. Fezziwig William P. Walker
Mrs. Fezziwig Abby Zahn
Mrs. Mops Abby Zahn
Mrs. Cratchit Kristin Callahan
Mr. Smythe Ed Doyle
Grace Smythe Courtney Straub
Fan Courtney Straub
Scrooge at 12 Evan Fleming
Jonathan Evan Fleming
Scrooge at 8 Jared Kern
Nikolas Jared Kern
Charity Man One Bobby Belli
Charity Man Two Jonathan Hughes
Poulterer Jonathan Hughes
Judge Jonathan Hughes
Ghost Jonathan Hughes
Monk Jonathan Hughes
Charity Man Two Nich Francesconi
Martha Cratchit Nicole Liebelznecht
Cratchit Child Corinne Callahan
Anderson Child Kelly DelDuca
Angel Kelly DelDuca
Cratchit Child Ashley Hiester
Angel Helen Poole
Elizabeth Helen Poole
Fishmonger Amanda Louden
Featured Dancer Kristina Martorano
Tapper Kristina Martorano
Ensemble Morgan Carreon
Ensemble Kristin Schaffer
Swing Laci De Luca

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Scott Angehr
Producer Mia Reich
Choreographer Laci De Luca
Musical Director Tim Carroll
Pit Coordinator Dan Katzin
Stage Manager Jeanette Carden
Costume Designer Monica Bennett
Costume Designer Sharon Fulton
Props Scott Angehr
Lighting Designer David M. Mooney
Lighting Board Operator Jeanette Carden
Sound Board Operator Joe Heister
Set Design Scott Angehr
Set Painting Lee Klaus
Publicity Photos Steve Rogina
Piano Tim Carroll
Synthesizer Michael Medvidik
Clarinet Dan Katzin
Flute Dan Katzin
Saxophone Dan Katzin
Bass Dan Katzin
Trumpet Pagean Sanders
Bass Christopher Davis-Shannon
Percussion Stefan Griffin