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Of Mice and Men

Opening Day: 02/03/2011


Date Venue
2/3/2011 PAC Main
2/4/2011 PAC Main
2/5/2011 PAC Main
2/6/2011 PAC Main
2/11/2011 PAC Main
2/12/2011 PAC Main
2/13/2011 PAC Main
2/18/2011 PAC Main
2/19/2011 PAC Main


Role Name
George Michael Post
Lennie Paul Brodo
Candy Jack Shaw
The Boss Pat DeFusco
Curley Ian Taylor
Curley's Wife Jackie Clark
Slim Craig Hutchings
Carlson Gary Werner
Whit Raymond Fallon
Crooks Jonathan Steadman

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Glen Funkhouser
Stage Manager Ashely White
Producer Ed Doyle
Lighting Board Operator Ashley White
Sound Board Operator Ed Doyle
Set Design Glen Funkhouser
Sound Design Glen Funkhouser
Lighting Design Glen Funkhouser