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Opening Day: 10/24/2013


Date Venue
10/24/2013 PAC Main
10/25/2013 PAC Main
10/26/2013 PAC Main
10/27/2013 PAC Main
11/1/2013 PAC Main
11/2/2013 PAC Main
11/3/2013 PAC Main
11/8/2013 PAC Main
11/9/2013 PAC Main
11/10/2013 PAC Main
11/15/2013 PAC Main
11/16/2013 PAC Main


Role Name
Princeton CJ Kish
Kate Monster Jennifer Zellers
Nicky Evan Newlin
Nicky’s right hand Mary Alice Cleve
Rod John de Groot
Trekkie Monster Michael Licisyn
Trekkie Monster’s right hand Mary Alice Cleve
Trekkie Monster’s right hand Kimberly D Horner
Trekkie Monster’s right hand Armando Mendez
Trekkie Monster’s mouth Scott Bass
Lucy Jennifer Bloomberg
The Bad Idea Bears Kimberly D Horner,
The Bad Idea Bears Julie Longworth
Mrs T Ellen Jaggers
Brian Scott Bass
Christmas Eve Amy Boehly
Gary Coleman Armando Mendez
Ricky Bruce Pedretti
Newcomer Adam Corbett
Pizza Box Puppet Ben Couey
Laundry Basket Puppet Ellen Jaggers
Rat Puppets Jenn Adams
Jumper Bruce Pedretti
Purpose Box Puppets Jenn Adams
Purpose Box Puppets Adam Corbett
Purpose Box Puppets Ben Couey
Purpose Box Puppets Kimberly D Horner
Purpose Box Puppets Ellen Jaggers
Purpose Box Puppets Julie Longworth
Purpose Box Puppets Bruce Pedretti
Ensemble Jenn Adams
Ensemble Ben Couey

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Lewis Adler
Assistant Director David Lee Gold
Musical Director André Vermeulen
Vocal Director André Vermeulen
Track Recording André Vermeulen
Puppeteer Jeff Cleve
Main Puppet Design Patrick Ahearn
Ensemble Puppets Jeff Cleve,
Ensemble Puppets Lewis Adler
Ensemble Puppets Kim Adler
Choreographer Armando Mendez
Choreographer Julie Longworth
Choreographer Kimberly D Horner
Choreographer Jen Zellers
Choreographer CJ Kish
Choreographer Armando Mendez
Choreographer Amy Boehly
Choreographer Scott Bass
Choreographer Lewis Adler
Choreographer Jennifer Bloomberg
Choreographer Evan Newlin
Choreographer John deGroot
Props Debbie Mitchell
Costumes Kimberly D Horner
Costumes Jennifer Bloomberg
Producer Kim Adler
Light Design Rebekah Macchione
Set Design Lewis Adler
Scenic Artist Mary DeMarco
Set Videos Ben Couey
Sound Design George Clark
Light Operator Rebekah Macchione
Sound Operator George Clark
Photography David Lee Gold
Set Construction Jennifer Bloomberg
Set Construction Amy Boehly
Set Construction Dan Boris
Set Construction Jeff Cleve
Set Construction Glen Funkhouser
Set Construction Kimberly D Horner
Set Construction Ellen Jaggers
Set Construction Tom Jaggers
Set Construction CJ Kish
Set Construction Bruce Pedretti
Set Construction Jen Zellers
Sound Design Tom Lorenz