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Number the Stars

Opening Day: 04/16/2013


Date Venue


Role Name
Annemarie Madeline Larkin
Annemarie Aria Walker
Papa David Lee Gold
Mama Christine Walker
Peter Steve Stonis
Lise Erica Earwood
Lise Amy Tarr
Ellen Riley Crompton
Ellen Emily Donohue
Kirsti Anna Forebaugh
Kirsti Kelly Gurcsik
Nazi Soldier Jake Diedrich
Nazi Soldier Tom McCurdy
Mrs Rosen Julie Longworth
Uncle Henrik Alex Young
Woman With Baby Maureen Duncovich

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Mark R Karcher
Music Director Christine Walker
Producer Jenn Cipolla
Stage Manager Jenn Cipolla
Choreographer Abby Shaine
Asst Director Tom Skoufalos
Assistant Producer Julie Longworth
Recording Engineer William Walker
Accompanist William Walker
Light Designer Mark Karcher
Light Designer Lewis Adler
Sound Designer David Lee Gold
Costumes Lauren Taylor
Costumes Jenn Cipolla
Costumes Christine Walker
Props Jenn Cipolla
Props Mark R Karcher
Props Julie Longworth
Props Christine Walker
Light Board Operator Sue C. Stein
Set Designer Scott Reynolds
Set Designer Mark Karcher
Dramaturge Patricia Y. Sheaffer
Holocaust Outreach Coordinator Kim Adler
Publicity Photos David Lee Gold
Hair Consultant Michael C Hicks
Make-up Consultant Stacie Kolbe