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Number the Stars

Opening Day: 04/06/2016


Date Venue


Role Name
Carmen Badalato German Soldier
Jeff Cleve German Officer
Maureen Duncovich Mrs. Rosen
Gianna Ernst Annemarie
Anna Forebaugh Lise
Tami Gordon Brody Mama
Michael Lovell Papa
Kate Michel Kirsti
Emma Scherz Kirsti
Cassidy Scherz Annemarie
Isabella Schoettle Ellen
Allie Shaw Lise
Steve Stonis Peter
Abby Swaney Ellen
Taylor Swanger Woman with Baby
Alex Young Henrik
John Young German Soldier
Ensemble Madeline Atkins
Ensemble Zoey Blackman
Ensemble Mea Diorio
Ensemble Jessica Fitzgerald
Ensemble Marguerite Hawkins
Ensemble Randy Lee Hendler
Ensemble Sera Scherz
Ensemble Jamie Shelter
Ensemble Ryan Vaites
Featured Soloist Julianna Banfe
Featured Soloist Kaiya Farr
Featured Soloist Rayna Farr
Featured Soloist Grace Pierlott

Production Staff

Position Name
Director David Lee Gold
Director Steve Stonis
Producer Sue C. Stein
Choreographer Abby Shaine
Vocal Director Kendra Cancellieri Hecker
Stage Manager Jeanne Gold
Production Assistant Natalie Jewell
Lighting Designer Jessi Meisel
Costumes Alice Cleve
Property Mistress Colleen Campbell
Property Mistress Bonnie Cummings
Hair Design Michael Hicks
Makeup Consultant Abby Shaine
Sound Board Operator George Clark
Set Design David Lee Gold
Scenic Painting MJ Atkinson
Light Board Operator Sue C. Stein
Producer Sue C. Stein