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A Christmas Carol

Opening Day: 11/30/2017


Date Venue
11/30/2017 PAC Main
12/1/2017 PAC Main
12/2/2017 PAC Main
12/3/2017 PAC Main
12/6/2017 PAC Main
12/8/2017 PAC Main
12/9/2017 PAC Main
12/10/2017 PAC Main
12/14/2017 PAC Main
12/15/2017 PAC Main
12/16/2017 PAC Main


Role Name
Ebenezer Scrooge Michael Hicks
Bob Cratchit/Businessman Tony Yates
Bob Cratchit/Businessman Dan Safeer
Nephew Fred Jonathan Greenstein
Businessman/Portly Gentlemen Jay Burton
Tiny Tim/Child Scrooge Nicky Intrieri
Marley's Ghost/Undertaker Tony Killian
Mrs. Cratchit Jennifer Flynn
Peter Cratchit Maddox Morfit-Tighe
Belinda Cratchit/"Want" Gracie Sokoloff
Martha Cratchit Brynne Gaffney
Street Boy/Young Bob Cratchit Gianna Cosby
Young Girl Cratchit Tess Smith
Ghost of Christmas Past/Nephew Fred's Wife Jennie Pines
Young Scrooge Ryan McDermott
Young Adult Scrooge/Topper Jake Hufner
Headmaster/Businessman John Williams
Fan Scrooge Isabella Mulliner
Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe John Bravo
Dick Wilkins Ricky Conway
Mrs. Fezziwig/Chairwoman Anne Buckwheat
Fezziwig Daughter Olivia Williams
Belle Jenn Adams
Ghost of Christmas Present/Businessman Alex Levitt
Party Guest E'Nubian Beckett
"Ignorance" Jessi Gollin
Mrs. Dilber/Maid Solaida Santiago
Miss Rosie Nadia Faulk

Production Staff

Position Name
Director Mark Karcher
Producer Melissa Harnois
Stage Manager Jessi Meisel
Light Board Operator Jessi Meisel
Music Director Kendra C. Hecker
Sound Designer George Clark
Sound Board Operator George Clark
Assistant Stage Manager Eilas Shamarakas
Production Manager Brennan Diorio
Light Board Operator Brennan Diorio
Set Builder Edwin Howard
Costumer Renee McCleery
Properties Mary Alice Cleve
Program Tami Gordon Brody
Program Jennie Pines
Choreographer Jennie Pines