“A Christmas Story” Brings Laughter and Holiday Spirit for the Whole Family

A young boy named Ralphie Parker only wants one thing for Christmas—a Red Ryder BB gun—but everyone keeps telling him the same thing: “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

The modern holiday classic, “A Christmas Story,” comes to the Haddonfield Plays & Players stage starting December 6th!

The stage play follows Ralph, a 9 year old child in 1940's America, and his quest to receive a BB gun for Christmas. Ralph narrates his memories of a "simpler time", centering around family, friends, and the holiday season.

We spoke with the production’s director, Emily McHale, about the show:

Tell us about your vision for the show. “My goal was to stage Ralph's romanticized vision of his childhood recollections. If I had directed this play based in the reality of the events, the play would probably read as a tragedy. All but one thing goes horribly wrong for Ralphie in the entire show. And yet, he reflects on these memories with fondness.”

What attracted you to direct “A Christmas Story”? “I love how Jean Shepherd writes of Ralphie's trials and tribulations so genuinely. Ralphie has an admiral goal with real stakes, according to his future self. Even after years of growing and aging, Ralph looks back on his childhood self with all the same seriousness and tension that he had as a young boy. It reminds me that we as adults relate to kids more than we realize and I like remembering that.”

What are your favorite moments from the show? “Anytime where we get deep into Ralphie's daydreams is really fun for me. I've had the privilege to work with a cast that is so committed to being silly and playful. I think those scenes really bring out the best in our work together.”

Why do you think "A Christmas Story" has become such a holiday classic? “This might be a cliche answer but I think the story is very relatable. Almost everyone remembers a time they wanted something as a child they just HAD to have. Or that feeling of utter relief when you didn't get caught by a teacher or parent after a big mistake. I can even see myself in Ralphie's parents and I've never had kids! Every character has as least one moment for me where I can observe their actions and go ‘Yeah... I get it.’”

What is one thing the audience should know about "A Christmas Story" at HP&P? “If you want to see a show which pays homage to the classic story/movie, you'll like this play. If you've never seen the movie and are unfamiliar with its iconic context, you'll like our play. If you know the movie but are interested in seeing some fresh, new surprises, you'll like our play. Basically, if you're coming to have fun and enjoy a night in the theater you'll be in the right place.”

Come out and see a holiday comedy that’s perfect for the whole family!

Tickets are now on sale for this event at haddonfieldplayers.com.

Show Dates: December 6-22

Please note this show briefly includes fake BB guns and other fake weapons. No loud sounds are made, but artificial gunshot noises will be produced.

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