Auditions: Willy Wonka

Haddonfield Plays & Players in Haddonfield, NJ is currently accepting audition submissions for its Winter 2019 musical, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, directed by Matthew Weil. 

Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 15 from 6:00-9:00pm, and Tuesday, September 17 from 7:00-10:00pm; with callbacks on Thursday, September 19. Performances are December 10 through December 21, 2019. Rehearsals will typically be held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings; beginning Sunday September 22. 

Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show for any roles other than the three Grandparents.. If auditioning for Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina, or Grandma Josephine, please simply prepare a short comedic monologue. An accompanist and cd/mp3/bluetooth player will be provided. This is the only requirement for the preliminary auditions - cold reads and dance will be held at callbacks by invitation. 

► To schedule an audition (or for any questions), please send a headshot and resume (if available) to Please include the date/time of your preferred audition slot in your email. 

Willy Wonka will be a non-union, non-paid production. Please note, no show conflicts will be accepted.

Character Descriptions 

Willy Wonka - The mysterious title character. He is charming, enigmatic, charismatic, and slightly sinister. Should move well. Baritone. Age: 35 to 55 

Charlie Bucket - The story's shy, earnest protagonist. From a modest home life, he is humble and noncompetitive while maintaining a sense of wonder about the world. Tenor. Age: 8 to 15 

Candy Man - A local candy vendor. He leads the children in praising the joys of candy. Strong Dancer - tap/soft shoe a plus. Baritone. Age: 20 - 40 

Phineous Trout - An excitable and opinionated reporter covering the Golden Ticket story. Baritone. Age: 20 to 50 

Grandpa Joe - A caring, patient, and kindhearted man. Loving Grandfather to Charlie Bucket. He accompanies Charlie to Willy Wonka's factory and it gives him a new burst of youthful vigor. Baritone. Age: 50 to 80 

Augustus Gloop - A gluttonous German boy. Cheerful and jolly, he defines himself by his ability to eat mass quantities of food. His constant overeating is enabled and encouraged by Mrs. Gloop. Speaks with a German Accent. Bari/Tenor. Age: 8 to 15 

Mrs. Gloop - An overly jolly German woman with a bustling personality. Augustus Gloop's overindulgent 

mother. Speaks with a German accent. Mezzo. Age: 30 to 55 

Veruca Salt - A wealthy British brat. She is accustomed to having her father indulge her every whim and desire. Speaks with a British accent. Mezzo Age: 8 to 15 

Mr. Salt - A wealthy British upperclassman who regularly flaunts his wealth and privilege. Father to Veruca Salt who shamelessly spoils his daughter. Speaks with a British accent. Minimal Singing - Baritone. Age: 30 to 55 

Mike Teavee - An obnoxious, hyperactive child addicted to television, video games, and the internet. One of the Golden Ticket winners and Ms. Teavee's son. Bari/Tenor Age: 8 to 15 

Ms. Teavee - An old-fashioned housewife. She is Mike Teavee's permissive and clueless mother. Minimal Singing - Mezzo. Age: 30 to 55 

Violet Beauregarde - A brassy Southern girl with a competitive streak who loves to chew gum. Violet seizes every opportunity to show off. Speaks with a Southern Accent. Mezzo. Age: 8 to 15 

Mrs. Beauregarde - Violet's enthusiastic "helicopter parent" who focuses all her attention on her daughter. Speaks with a Southern accent. Minimal Singing - Mezzo. Age: 30 to 55 

Mrs. Bucket - Charlie Bucket's nurturing mother. She tries her best to be positive in a tough situation. Mezzo. Age: 30 to 55 

Mr. Bucket - Charlie Bucket's nurturing, overworked father. He is always trying to maintain an energetic positivity. Baritone. Age: 30 to 55 

Grandma Josephine, Grandma Georgina, Grandpa George - Charlie’s grandparents who never leave their bed. Comedic character actors. Non-singing. Age: 50 - 85 

Oompa Loompas - Mysterious workers at Wonka’s factory. Will also appear frequently throughout the show and should be good movers and singers. Age: 10 - 40 

Youth Ensemble - Small group of Charlie’s friends. Includes featured roles. Should sing and move well. Age: 8-15