About HP&P

Haddonfield Plays and Players is a gathering of dedicated individuals who come together to provide quality theater at an affordable price to a wide range of Delaware Valley audiences, as well as to provide a creative outlet for non-professionals, all in an atmosphere of personal and social enrichment that is open to all persons with a commitment to non-profit theater.

We offer a wide variety of productions, from comedies to mysteries to musicals. Besides our normal season productions, we also produce shows aimed specifically at children and families as well as special productions for school groups, like our enormously successful Number the Stars program.

What We Do

Our regular season

We stage roughly five regular season shows each year. They are usually a mix of musicals and non-musicals, comedies, dramas, mysteries, and family shows.

Special Programs

We stage many special programs each year, which are limited-run events like themed cabaret nights, staged readings, and one-act showcases.

Community Education

One of the things we are most proud of is the number and quality of programs geared towards pre-K through 12 kids and beyond. Kids can start learning about the arts as early as age four as part of our StageTeenies group. From there they can move up to StageKidz, our longest-tenured program.

Our latest program is Shining Stars, which offers teens and young adults with Autism, PDD, Aspergers, Downs Syndrome, Fragile X, and other developmental disabilities an opportunity to show off their talents, expand their social skills, develop friendships, and build self esteem.

For twenty years, our Number The Stars holocaust awareness program has welcomed many school groups to annual performances.

What We've Done

Take a look at our long history of producing quality theater in South Jersey at our show database. It's far from complete, but it's still pretty amazing to see so much of what we have done in 85 years!

Other accomplishments include:

  • Produced nearly 650 shows since our founding in 1934.

  • Educated thousands of students through the Number the Stars Holocaust awareness program.

  • Revived The King's Road, a historical musical written by native son Harry T. Kaufmann and first performed in 1964, as part of Haddonfield's 300th birthday festivities.

  • In 1986, we built our 150 seat performing arts center at Crows Woods.

  • We have performed in many local venues, including the Haddonfield Fortnightly and the Kingsway Learning Center.