Become a Member

Become a member of Haddonfield Plays & Players and join our vibrant community of artists, staff, and fellow theatre enthusiasts!

For only $10 a year, you can become a member and earn membership points that allow you the following privileges:

  • Accumulate twenty-five (25) points within one year and you are able to vote at our general meetings held every month. Have an impact on our regular theater business and vote on our annual Main Stage season and run for a position on the plays committee.

  • Accumulate thirty-five (35) points within one year and you can run for a position on the elected board.

There are many ways to earn membership points as an active member of HP&P. In fact, if you’re already volunteering at the theater, you have probably already earned points!

If you have any questions about membership or your accumulation of membership points, please email: